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Andrea Gonzales

About Me

I am a student developer (previously homeschooled for 7 years), currently focusing on frontend and backend development. I join programming competitions, hackathons and developer meetups, and I also have experience in mentoring both teens and adults. On my past time, I enjoy reading books, playing the piano, and listening to music.

girl coder

Notes & Codes: A Journey Through Music, Programming and Adolescence

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Projects & Achievements

Techacks Hackathon 2020 Winner

I joined Techacks Hackathon and along with my 3 team members, created a STEAM idea generator website. Our project was chosen as one of the winners.

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Planets Activity for Sugarizer

Planets Activity is another activity project for Sugarizer. It provides 3D models of the Solar System Planets for the students to appreciate it more.

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Google Code-in 2019 Grand Prize Winner

I was chosen as one of the Grand Prize Winners for Google Code-in 2019. The prize includes a 4 day trip to Google HQ in San Francisco, California.

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Assistant Web Developer at CDM (2019 - present)

I am a volunteer assistant Web Developer at CDM. Some of my tasks include adding a calendar event that is sync with Google Calendar and improving Search Engine Optimization

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Constellation Activity for Sugarizer

This is one of my contributions for Sugarizer. I've integrated a starchart that allows students to view current constellations and stars

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Techladies Mentor

I was invited by Techladies in Penang, Malaysia to mentor one of their HTML/CSS workshop. I have created my own tutorial for a simple, parallax-scrolling website for the workshop.

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Contributions at MusicBlocks

MusicBlocks is one of Sugar Labs products. I have also contributed to its repository. Some of the contributions I did include bug fixing and enhancement addition.

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Space Junk Wars

Orginally submitted as a Scratch program, my team decided to create a web version of Space Junk Wars. It is a game about combating space junks.
Try it out! (For PC users only)

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First Web Portfolio

This is my first web portfolio design.

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Contributions at Sugarizer

Aside from creating Sugarizer Activities, I also add enhancements and fix issues of existing activities.

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PISF Python Programming Challenge

This is a programming competition hosted by Penang International Science Fair. I finished as Finalist.

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Coursera Mentor (2017-2020)

I was a volunteer mentor for the online course "Code Yourself! An Introduction to Programming" in Coursera.

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Global Classroom: Participant

I participated in Girls in Tech's Global Classroom that teaches about the basics of web development in Wordpress.

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PISF Scratch Programming Challenge

Along with my 2 team members, our project Space Junk Wars was chosen as Champion for PISF Scratch Programming Challenge.

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Programming for Everybody (Python): Participant

This was one of my first courses that I took. I joined Prof. Severance's Python course and finished with distinction.

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